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login and signup buttons

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Social Sidebar

Social sidebar using only css, no javascript. With this example the sidebar is in a fixed position, meaning that it will be visible at all times.

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Simple Search Bar

Example of a simple search bar that can be used in your projects.

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Animated 404 Error Page

Example of an animated 404 error page.

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Diagonal Lines using CSS

Diagonal Line Pattern made by only html/css. This is created using linear-gradient as the background of the body tag. It can also be implemented on a div if you want to use this pattern on a selected area only. The main key here is the background-size property which decides the thickness of the diagonal lines and this can be very helpful in creating different types of patterns.

Found this code at cssdeck by chocolatina, thought it might be useful.

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CSS Slide in Menu

This example is of a CSS Slide in Menu.
The code used is pure css with no javascript, the slide in menu is achieved using a checkbox to determine if the menu is visible or not.

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