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Pastel Spinner

Example of animated spinner dots.

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Navigation Menus

A collection of navigation menus that can be used in your project.

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CSS Spirograph

Pure CSS prismatic spirograph using psuedo-elements and no preprocessor or javascript.

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Inverted Corner Border Radius

Here we have two examples to create an inverted corner border radius. Both options use the position css property. Option 2 use pseudo classes :before and :after.

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Flappy Bird in CSS

The popular mobile game flappy bird has been re-created using just pure css. This demo was created by Hajji Tarek.
Some css properties used are: border-radius, transform, box-shadow and position.

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Create Corner Ribbon

This example will create a corner ribbon in pure CSS code, the ribbon can be achieved using the pseudo-class ::before and ::after and linear-gradients. To get the text on an angle we use the transform property.

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